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Manhole Rehabilitation

Manhole rehabilitation consists of several methods including application of a hydrogen sulfide gas resistant cementitious liner, epoxy liner or resin-impregnated bag liner.

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Conventional Excavation

Rehabilitation of utility infrastructure by conventional means of direct excavation. Repairs can consist of service lateral reconnections, point repairs, and relay of impacted infrastructure.

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Trenchless Rehabilitation - Pipe Bursting 

Pipe bursting and slip lining are the only way to replace an existing pipe with an identical or larger one while minimizing excavation. Rehabilitation by this method restores the infrastructure integrity and service life.

Trenchless Rehabilitation - Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP)

CIPP lining is truly a trenchless technology. Rehabilitation involves inverting a new pipe within the existing pipe.New CIPP pipes can increase the strength of the host pipe as well as increase service life for an additional 50 years.

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Sewer Inspection & Cleaning (CCTV)

A thorough sewer line inspection can save you money by quickly providing an accurate diagnosis that allows us to immediately attack the cause of your sewage problem to stop the issue and prevent future damage.

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Water Main Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of aging water mains utilizing conventional and modern techniques ranging from direct replacement to epoxy internal coatings. 


Stream and Waterway Remediation

Remediation of streams and waterways to protect infrastructure while preserving natural habit in sensitive areas.


Bypass Pumping Services

Full service bypass pumping for any size utility.


Emergency Services

 Emergency response provider for all utility emergencies and failures. Complete lifecycle from planning to spill response to utility repair to site remediation and restoration.


Atlantic Coast Contractors offers simple solutions for your sewer rehabilitation projects with minimal disturbance to surrounding areas through thoughtful well engineered design. 


Our crews are qualified in all phases of sewer rehabilitation, including new construction, line replacement, point repairs, pipe bursting, sewer line cleaning, manhole replacement, and other services.

Contracting Licenses:

  • N.C. General License No. 10553

  • South Carolina License No. G-10655

  • Virginia Class A License No. 2701 019005A



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